Guerrilla Analytics – the book! Book contract signed for Autumn 2014

Great news! I will be publishing a book on Guerrilla Analytics with Morgan Kaufmann in Autumn 2014. After lots of proposal crafting and contract negotiations the contracts have finally been signed and I can begin work. It will be about 90,000 words on Guerrilla Analytics covering topics such as:

  • what is data analytics and where does guerrilla analytics fit within that?
  • the principles of guerrilla analytics
  • worked examples at each stage of the data analytics workflow from data extraction and receipt through to delivery of work products. All of these examples will be supported by practice tips, case studies and war stories. This will be a real practitioners book that will help you survive real analytics projects in fast paced dynamic environments

You’ll find this book useful if you are:

  • a Senior Manager and you want to know that you have the right team and technology in place to deliver reproducible, tested analytics that stand up to audit and scrutiny and can be handed over easily when resources roll off your project
  • an analytics Manager who has several reports. You do want your team to be independent and agile without having to micro manage their work. You want to keep it simple so that everybody on the team can maintain data provenance and understand one another’s work without repeated inefficient hand-overs and explanations
  • a data analyst who wants to do high quality work, interact in a team but not be burdened with unnecessary process and team rules.

I’m looking forward to getting started! Stay tuned for more updates and some snippets of the book as it evolves.

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