Building Guerrilla Analytics Teams

I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar on ‘Building Guerrilla Analytics Teams’ as part of the BrightTalk ‘Business Intelligence and Analytics’ series. You can access the full recorded webinar and slides here and the slides are embedded below.

Some really interesting questions came up at the end of the session. I’ve listed them here and will pick them up in subsequent blog posts.

  • How do you build a business case to resource and set up a data science team?
  • What is the number one tip for someone putting together a completely new data science team?
  • What role is most important when setting up a data science team?
  • What are the typical challenges faced when setting up a Guerrilla Analytics team?

You can learn more about building a Guerrilla Analytics capability in my book Guerrilla Analytics: A Practical Approach to Working with Data which has chapters devoted to getting the right people in place, giving them the right technology and controlling everything with a minimal lightweight process.

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