Data Science – A Definition And How To Get Started

Confusion, hype, failure to start. Data Science has huge potential to change an organisation. But many organisations become mired in the associated cultural, technological and people change. Data Science is delivered as an interesting report rather than a driver of change. Data Science identifies algorithms that are run in the safety of a lab but never make it into production.

This is my keynote talk from the Polish Data Science with Business Conference.

Why does this happen and what can be done to avoid it?

I think we all agree that our organisations would be more effective if they made decisions based on data. Our organisations would be more efficient if they embraced a scientific approach to understanding their customers and their products. Our organisations would be vastly improved if they could put their learnings from data science into effect.

It covers:

  • a practical definition of Data Science in retail and how retail can benefit
  • operational and organisational challenges and conflicts
  • Get started! 5 tips to proving your worth to leadership starting now

Have you any thoughts or experiences on embedding Data Science in enterprises? Please get in touch!

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