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“How do I get value from data using data science?”

This is the question Enda has entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers reflecting on every day.
Enda simplifies complex technologies with engaging stories and metaphors from a decade of experience so leaders and managers can see through the hype and build strategies and operating models for getting value from data science.

He helps businesses of all sizes, startups and entrepreneurs think about data, analytics and machine learning and how to use them to shape their strategy, improve their team performance and efficiency and retain and acquire customers.

Enda is a speaker, consultant, team builder, husband, dad and cat lover.

Topics Enda Speaks About

Enda offers keynote speeches, workshops, remote webinars and SME advice that is customised to your audience.

Enda Ridge speaking on data science
  • Operating models for making data science explainable and for delivering at pace.
  • Executive training on data, data science and machine learning.
  • Choosing the right talent in data science, engineering and product management.
  • How to include data science in your strategy.

Speaking examples:

A podcast conversation with Paul Laughlin of Customer Insight Leader

We covered the topics of building effective data science teams, putting Guerrilla Analytics into practice and lessons I’ve learned in my career

Inspiration Keynote at Data Leaders Summit Europe

‘Building a Data Science Capability – how to get started and how to succeed’

Invited talk for CX Network – ‘How to Create a Successful Enterprise Data Science Capability’

Many data science initiatives fail to launch because organisations do not understand the dependencies, people, process and technologies needed to make data science work for them. Find out the steps you need to take to successfully leverage data science in your enterprise.

What people are saying

… an amazing communicator. Explained machine learning to a group consisting of our Board and agency CEOs. He pulled off the considerable challenge of making ML accessible to this diverse audience, whilst also giving them starting points for how they might apply the technology to their own businesses. All through the medium of Swedish chefs.

Group COO, media agency
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