Speaking and Events

I speak on the topics of Guerrilla Analytics, Agile Analytics, building Data Science teams, Data Science Operating models and doing practical Data Science. Here is a list of upcoming and past events.

Event Schedule

Title Date Summary
Enterprise Data Science: Navigating the Matrix! September 2016 In this talk, from the Chief Data Scientist Forum London, I discuss the challenges an Enterprise presents to establishing a Data Science capability. In particular I focus on the matrix organisation structure and give tips on how to navigate this structure in your first year.
Eolaíocht Sonraí: céard é agus cén tairbhe atá le baint as d’innealtóireacht? April 14 2016 Data Science in Irish Gaelic! This is an invited talk at Engineers Ireland covering what Data Science is and its use in Engineering
Becoming a Data Scientist podcast 7 March 15 2016 Renee Teate runs a great blog called ‘Becoming Data Scientist’ here. As part of that blog she interviews a variety of Data Scientists about their career paths.

Here is an interview with me that covers Guerrilla Analytics and why its principles are important for practitioners as well as the typical competencies required of a Data Scientist in industry.

Guerrilla Analytics: Building a Data Science Capability in Retail  February 2016. A talk I gave at a London conference, Big Data Analytics in Retail. Unfortunately they didn’t pay me for copies of my book so I won’t reference them here. This talk summarises the key decisions to make in that critical first year when building an Enterprise Data Science Capability.
Guerrilla Analytics: 7 Principles for Agile Analytics  Predictive Analytics World London 2015, October 28 2015 This talk introduces the 7 Guerrilla Analytics Principles and illustrates their use in a simple case study based on predictive analytics.
Data Science Patterns: Preparing Data for Agile Data Science October 7 2015, BrightTalk This BrightTalk webinar discussed common data manipulation patterns that arise in Data Science work. High performing teams can recognise and implement these patterns quickly while preserving data provenance.
Guerrilla Analytics – Introduction and Case Study May 2015 This is a talk I give to a professional services firm to illustrate how the Guerrilla Analytics principles can be applied on a real world project. Here you will see examples of the principles in use at each stage of the data science lifecycle.
Guerrilla Analytics – Tactics for coping with Data Science Reality February 2015 – National University of Ireland at Galway This presentation introduces the Guerrilla Analytics Principles – straight-forward rules of thumb for doing data science despite disruptions and constraints. The presentation includes several practical examples of how to implement those principles and some ideas on future research.
Building Guerrilla Analytics Teams December 2014 – BrightTalk webinar This webinar addresses how you build a Guerrilla Analytics team that can do agile analytics. Specifically I discuss the people, process and technology you will require.
Emerging Principles for Guerrilla Analytics Development December 2012 – BI Congress 3: Driving Innovation through Big Data Analytics The origin of Guerrilla Analytics! This talk covers some of the early development of the Guerrilla Analytics Principles. You can find the slides here on SlideShare.